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Tantalum Production

Our tantalum production starts with the purchase of tantalum scrap and ends with the sale of pure tantalum

The search term of your online research was apparently “tantalum production”. You seem to be looking for an industrial partner who will take over the production of tantalum and / or other special metals for you? Then we would like to welcome you to Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle.

For almost three decades, our task has been the recovery of special and specialty metals such as tantalum, niobium, rhenium or hafnium from metal-bearing scrap. A variety of established mechanical, thermal and chemical processes allow us to recycle these tantalum scraps and make them available to our customers again in pure form of 99.9 % through further processing.

We produce pure tantalum for a wide range of industries and sectors

During the tantalum recycling process, we recover pure tantalum in different consistencies, sizes, grain sizes and surface structures. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we are flexible in this respect . The majority of industries that processes tantalum in their productions obtains tantalum as plates (tantalsheets) or as tantalum ingots. However, powder or fine and coarse tantalum granules will also find their use in future productions.

The provided pure tantalum is sold by us to a wide variety of industries such as medical technology, microelectronics or mechanical engineering and aircraft construction, where it is processed. Due to its excellent properties such as stability and hardness, but also resistance to liquids and acids and, of course, its conductivity, tantalum is a true all-rounder. This metal is the basis for prostheses, clamps and other medical instruments, but also for capacitors with minimal series resistance and associated system losses. In aviation, in turn, tantalum is the raw material in demand for lining engines.

Tantalum production from scrap: why?

With tantalum recycling and subsequent tantalum production, we conserve the resources of the mining areas and, at the same time, the respective regions with their animal and plant worlds. In addition, we reduce the metal’s carbon footprint, because the emission of greenhouse gases and exhaust gases is many times lower with tantalum recycling than with new mining.

If we have given you the feeling that we are the right partner for you in tantalum production, please feel free to contact us by phone or via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.