Buss & Buss special metals – Tantalum recycling & more

Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH has specialised in the environmentally friendly recycling of metals and special materials for over 25 years. Especially refractory metals and other special metals. This enables us to implement the entire value creation chain – from tantalum scrap recycling to the finished pure tantalum.

For our customers, we take care of the professional disposal of pure and contaminated scrap, powders, solid sludges, chips, crusts, furnace condensates and slags. Our own production of tantalum, rhenium and hafnium through recycling in connection with our global network ensures a high degree of flexibility and prompt implementation of orders and thus also our and our customers’ long-term competitiveness.

Our aim is the satisfaction of our customers. As a competent partner with over 25 years of experience, including tantalum recycling, we support our business partners in the development and finding of individual (product) solutions.

One of our key areas of expertise is flexibility when it comes to incoming materials. Whether tantalum-containing capacitor scrap, rhenium-containing airfoils made of superalloys, oily niobium chips mixed with other metals, tantalum powder with binder residues, indium scrap, hafnium polyheads, off-grade gallium, germanium-containing filter blocks, tungsten-rhenium waste or discarded zirconium heat exchangers. All these different types of wastes and scrap are mechanically, thermally and chemically treated by us and processed into high-quality metals and their compounds.

Customer-specific customisation of the chemical and physical product properties such as particle size, surface structure, grain size and consistency of the technology metals indium, hafnium, gallium, germanium, niobium, tantalum, rhenium and zirconium are implemented by us flexibly, professionally and with a high level of quality.

Buss & Buss at a glance

Quality and reliability

Our strict, certified quality management in metal recycling guarantees the consistent quality and high quality of our products.

Customer orientation & know-how

Our wealth of experience enables us to offer our customers optimised process solutions. We make your work with our company as simple and uncomplicated as possible – we take care of it.

With more than 25 years of experience in special metal and especially tantalum recycling, we are the ideal partner you need for your tasks and projects.

Sustainability & future orientation

Our actions are characterised by a high sense of responsibility towards people and the environment as well as by an instinct for the needs of our customers. This has allowed us to focus our company on long-term competitiveness and success together with our customers at a very early stage.