Hafnium Schrott Recycling, Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle

Hafnium recycling “made in Germany”

Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle has developed processes to efficiently recycle hafnium scrap and reintroduce it into the raw material cycle as pure hafnium.

In order to successfully recycle hafnium, we are operating under strict regulations and our own quality standards, which are documented and continuously being optimised by ISO certification.

Which hafnium scrap can be recycled?

  • Sheets, bars
  • Hafnium shavings, piece scrap
  • Hafnium wire
  • Moly heads from crystal bars
  • Hafnium carbide

Delivery forms:

  • Chunks
  • Hafnium nickel (HfNi10), chunks

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In addition to hafnium recycling, we also have innovative processes and decades of know-how to offer:

In all recycling processes, we as the executing company ensure that our customers receive metals of the highest purity. Through our end-to-end value chain from acceptance through recycling to the sale of pure metal, we can ensure that our metals meet all the requirements of current processing.