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Tantalum recycling “made in Germany”

Tantalum is a unique metal that is used in many areas of modern technology, sometimes as a key element. In electronics, chemistry, aviation and medicine it is irreplaceable.

However, the recovery of tantalum from waste is important not only because of its rarity and energy-intensive production. In particular, the extraction of tantalum ore (coltan) in Congo finances the civil war there – every scrap of recycled gram deprives this conflict of financial resources.

Buss & Buss has developed processes to efficiently recycle tantalum scrap and reintroduce it into the raw material cycle as pure tantalum (>99.9%) or its compounds.

In order to successfully recycle tantalum, we comply with strict regulations and our own quality standards, which have also been documented within the framework of ISO certification and are continuously optimised.

Which tantalum scrap can be recycled?

  • Pins, anodes, wires, claddings
  • Sheets, sections, pipes
  • Foils, powder
  • Tantalum Tungsten (TaW)
  • Capacitors, top heads, casings
  • Oxides, carbides, nitrides
  • Offgrade

Delivery forms

  • Chunks, pucks
  • Tantalum tungsten
  • Sorted pure scrap
  • more on request

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In addition to tantalum recycling, we also offer innovative processes and decades of know-how:

In all recycling processes, we as the executing company ensure that our customers receive metals of the highest purity. Through our end-to-end value chain from acceptance through recycling to the sale of pure metal, we can ensure that our metals meet all the requirements of current processing.