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Buy Tantalum Metal

Buy recycled tantalum metal and other special metals like rhenium, zirconium or niobium from us

Your search term “buy tantalum metal” has led you to us. We welcome you to Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle.
For over 25 years, we have specialized in the recycling of special metals such as rhenium, niobium, hafnium and tantalum. We extract these special metals from metal-bearing scrap using mechanical, thermal and chemical processes. By further processing, we obtain, for example, tantalum in 99% pure form. With us, you have a trend-setting, reliable partner if you want to buy tantalum metal.

With us you can buy tantalum metal in 99% pure form

Our specially developed recycling processes allows us to recycle and separate both tantalum scrap and scrap containing tantalum in such a way that we have produced high-purity tantalum as the final product. We provide this recycled tantalum metal as tantalum granules in various grain sizes, as wires and pucks, as tantalum sheets or as tantalum targets for further processing. Since we manufacture tantalum metal in this high purity form, you buy products from us that guarantee your own products a very high level of quality.

Purchase of tantalum scrap and sale of tantalum

In addition to the sale of tantalum metal and other special metals, our business field also includes the purchase of tantalum scrap and tantalum residues, which we recycle in order to return them to the economic cycle. This closes the value chain and, at the same time, we protect the flora, fauna and the people within the mining areas and their regions.
Our company and the possibility to resell recycled tantalum metal offer our customers an economic independence with great international competitiveness.

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