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Tantalum 99.9%

Purchase pure tantalum – special metal recycling “Made in Germany“

Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle recovers tantalum with a purity value of 99.9% and thus offers you the perfect raw material for your industrial production. Your search term “tantalum 99.9%” has led you directly to us, Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH. You are very welcome. May we assume that you are a manufacturing company and require tantalum and/or other special metals in pure form for your products? Then we are certainly the right contact for you.

We have been extremely successful in the field of specialty metal recycling for more than 25 years. Our nearly three decades of experience and the development of our own chemical, thermal and mechanical processes have made us one of the leading suppliers for special metal recycling. We extract metals such as niobium, rhenium, hafnium, gallium, zirconium and, of course, tantalum from metal-bearing scrap and return these specialty metals to industrially usable forms. This enables us to provide our global customers with recycled tantalum in 99.9% pure form. This allows you to process this rare raw material in its purest form to give their products the highest possible quality.

Our 99.9% tantalum is the basis of a number of industries

After processing, our 99.9% tantalum is available to you as tantalum sheets, targets (tantalum sputtering targets) and as tantalum granules in various sizes and consistencies, making it the perfect basis for the medical industry, the aerospace industry or for microelectronics. Tantalum, with its outstanding properties such as corrosion and temperature resistance, as well as high conductivity and hardness, can be used to manufacture capacitors, prostheses, medical instruments, bone nails or even aircraft engine cowlings.

Recycled metal – why do we recycle scrap into tantalum?

The recycling of scrap metal is characterized by our conviction. The special metal recycling of tantalum, zirconium, rhenium and co. protects the mining areas, their nature and people, and at the same time reduces your and our CO2 footprint. The recovery and recycling of tantalum to a 99.9% pure form requires much less energy than mining.

Would you like to purchase “tantalum 99.9% pure” from us, or do you need further information about our company? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form or by phone. We are looking forward to your inquiry.