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Tantalum manufacturing

Technologization has increased so rapidly in recent decades that components for production processes in various industries, as well as medical or information technology products, are dependent on the manufacture of tantalum – one of the rarest elements on earth.

The manufacturing of tantalum from scrap instead of new profits

Tantalum, a graphite-gray and base metal, can only be found in certain parts of the world and due to the high demand in various industries, its occurrence decreases every year. Furthermore, the recovery of new tantalum is associated with a high expenditure of energy, since it is not degradable in its pure form, but always in connection with other elements such as niobium. Another crucial point for the recycling of tantalum and other rare metals are the working and living conditions of mine workers, such as in Africa. Here, in addition to men, children are also used to mine tantalum.
Because of this it is extremely important to recycle tantalum that has already been mined and to manufacture new tantalum from the recycled material in order to minimize these working conditions in the future and save tantalum resources.

Production of pure tantalum by Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH

We, the company Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH from Sagard, on the island of Rügen, have specialized in the environmentally friendly recycling of special metals, special materials and scrap metal for more than 25 years. We always pay attention to the highest product purity during further processing so that our customers can also guarantee the highest quality with their products. Since tantalum has a very high melting point, complex mechanical and chemical processes are necessary to efficiently extract this metal from waste and recycle it as pure tantalum. Thus, tantalum returns to the raw material cycle. This 99.9% pure tantalum can then be used again in microelectronics for capacitors or circuit boards. But tantalum is also used as implants in medicine. Even engine parts in the aerospace industry are made from this heavy but soft metal.
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