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Tantalum – “Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle” is specialized in the purchase of tantalum

Tantalum purchasing and its recycling are our business

Tantalum is a very rare, base metal with special characteristics. At 3000 °C, it has the fifth highest melting point of all chemical elements and only reacts with oxygen at high temperatures. Under normal conditions, e.g. at room temperature, the surface of tantalum is surrounded by a thin oxide layer with the effect of passivation. Through this metal is protected from further oxidation. Other properties are a graphite gray, color, toughness, and heaviness.

Tantalum – a rare metal with wide usage

Due to its outstanding characteristics, tantalum is used in industries of microelectronics, medicine, the chemical industry or as part of superalloys in mechanical engineering.
A large part of tantalum is used in the manufacture of very small capacitors with high capacitance. Since it continues to offer a high level of efficiency in thin layers thanks to a stable and insulating oxide layer, small components in microelectronics and automobile construction are made of this metal.
Furthermore, tantalum is non-toxic and has a rather sluggish reactivity. This makes it one of the chemically inert substances. Under certain circumstances it reacts imperceptibly little with its reaction partners. Medical technology has made use of this important characteristics and manufactures medical instruments from tantalum as well as implants such as bone nails, prostheses or jaw screws.
Another factor is its persistence. In the chemical industry, pumps and heat exchangers are therefore lined with tantalum. As part of an alloy, it gives the lining material stability and resilience. At the same time, it undergoes permanent plastic deformation under high shear loads (it remains ductile).
Due to these characteristics, it is also used in turbine and engine manufacture.

“Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH” – We recycle metal scrap in terms of sustainability

In view of its rarity, it is necessary to recycle tantalum scrap and return it to the raw material cycle. For this purpose, Buss & Buss has developed special metal processes that are constantly being further developed and quality certified.
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